About Us!

    To achieve the above mission I provide my:
  • Clients: with $30K-$50K of instant equity (via House & Land packages)
  • JV Partners: with $50K-$100K of instant equity (via developments)

    I can achieve this by:
  • obtaining the land below the market price
  • agreeing with a quality builder on a fair & fixed price
  • keeping my overheads low

My life can be conveniently divided into four stages:

Childhood & Adolescence

I was born in Split (Croatia). As a 5 year old I taught myself to read and schooling was pretty easy for me until... I become a teenager and the opposite gender become more interesting. Still, I completed secondary school as a qualified Electrical Technician.

I had a great time while playing a lead guitar in the rock bank "Atlantik", but for years the idea of settling to Australia was cooking in my head. Shortly after turning 22, I left a well-paid job in Shipyard Split, sold my guitar for $500, packed two suitcases and went to London.

I knew absolutely nobody in the whole white world - yet I had an inexplicable and a complete conviction that I would be OK.

An interesting set of circumstances led me to complete a 6 months Computer Programming course. Shortly after that, in November 1971 I landed in Sydney.

Information Technology Career

After a year of unemployment and digging trenches I got a job in Sydney Waterboard as a Technical Programmer.

By 1981 I obtained a Computing Science degree and moved to Westpac bank. In 1986 Perth beckoned and I joined IBM as a Systems Engineer. Six years later I was transferred to Canberra. In 1996 I parted with IBM and started contracting at big companies like Ampol, Centrelink and even implemented a fault tolerant system at Tongan Ministry of Finance.

Over next few years I upgraded my IT knowledge achieving status of Microsoft MCP, MCSD & MCDBA, Novell CNE, Compaq ASE and IBM PSE.

However, with all these academic achievements and a good salary, I still was in the rat race running in one spot. In 1998 I reviewed my life, discarded my limiting beliefs and bought two villas (Perth and Brisbane).
Finally, I became a Real Estate Investor!

After a painful experience with the stock market, in October 2001 I returned to Perth. Destiny smiled upon me and I landed a well paid contract with IBM.

Real Estate Investor And Developer Career

In 2004 another life review. I realized that real estate investments were a sure-fire way to get me out of the rat race. I used equity from my two villas and bought two more houses in the seaside suburb of Mindarie. I decided to forge a career in real estate, passed exams to become a registered Realtor and never looked back.

It soon become my passion to assist people who were unaware of how profitable real estate could be. I figured that if real estate had been my lifeline, then surely it could be so to others as well. And helping others is something I am very passionate about. My specialty became marketing "House & Land" packages. In 2006 I achieved a bit of success by selling over $5M   worth of packages. Investors could see the simplicity and profitability of this system and were eager to get on board. For the investors, the advantages were many. They created large capital gains, were provided with good rental income and received excellent tax advantages

During 2004-2006 Perth's market boomed and my investors achieved some very handsome profits. One lady, on a modest nurse's salary, was able to invest in three "House & Land" packages that created over a half a million dollars of equity for her. By 2015 she can retire and live comfortably of her real estate investments.

I walked my talk and invested in two more "House & Land" packages and a block of land. However, by then the boom was over and I paid retail prices for all of them. That prompted me to think of buying and selling properties at wholesale prices.

I realized that a considerable amount of instant equity can be created through land subdivisions and development. This can be achieved even in the flat market as my clients can get "House & Land" package at wholesale prices.

I reached the point of wanting to share the knowledge and experience that I acquired, in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction manual, that would vastly increase investors' expertise in a very short time. The result is my book titled: "The Ultimate Real Estate System Investing For Beginners"
Note: Version 1 is superceeded by Version 2 (in preparation).

All of these were a catalyst for me to move my business to the next level. I negotiated a great deal for my new offices on the top floor of the AMP Tower in the heart of the city and overlooking beautiful Swan River.

I found some excellent subdivision sites and I partner with people who are GENUINE go-getters. In these times when the herd is panicking, fortunes will be made by smart and well prepared people.

If you are one of these, do investigate the opportunities that are under the "House & Land" packages and "Subdvisions" headings. You are on the threshold of making exceptional profits!

Internet Marketing Career

In 2008, when the Sub-Prime Crisis (Or Global Financial Crisis-GFC) came along, I was over-leveraged, and like many other Small Business owners I was badly affected.
The banks initially stopped giving any loans -later on they made their loan rules very hard to comply.

I started working on Internet Marketing, and after years of searching, in the mid 2012 I found a very reliable USA Lender who helps Small Businesses to get loans.
This become my new passion.
Help Small Businesses owners and get paid for - brilliant!

To our success!