Small Bussiness Loans Joint Venture!
3 Way Win Combination!

You have probably seen the Small Business Loans page and perhaps you're wondering if it would be possible to join forces with us.

Yes, it certainly is possible.

For helping people who are in genuine need and can't get a loan anywhere else, you will receive a Success Fee of 1.5% of the total loan (even if you are the one getting the loan).

This is the thing that makes me (and will make you also) really happy - we help others and get paid at the same time.

But, that's not all! When in the future, the business owner decides to take another loan, you will again receive 1.5%. The moment your business owner gets to the Lender using your unique link, that business is connected with you for ever. Whenever they get a loan, you get paid. No ifs, no buts.

And yes, in case you are wondering, I benefit too. Whenever you succeed, I receive a 0.5% Success Fee.

So, I have a vested interest to assist you with anything to be more successful. You will have direct access to me via Skype, phone or email. I can also organize Skype conferences with the program provider. We have regular training webinars and marketing materials to assist you to turn suspects into prospects and prospects into clients.

Who is this best suited for?

Corporate/Tax Attorneys

These professions deal with business people who are in a desperate need of a loan.

Finance Industry Professionals
Maybe you are associated with the finance industry and you know business owners who were rejected and have no chance of getting a loan. As long as you don't have a conflict of interest, you could help these people.

Business Association Officials
Maybe you simply know a lot of business owners through your own personal connections or a Business Association.

This can also be good for networkers, but please understand that this is not MLM! You get paid only for the business owners who come to the Lender's site via your unique link.

Let's do a bit of arithmetic to see how profitable this could be for you.

The Lender specializes in helping small businesses and the loan range is usually from $5,000 to $250,000, with an average loan of $50,000. That means your Success Fee is $750. The following table should inspire you to crank up efforts in helping others:

No. Of Loans Success Fee/Month
5 $3,750
10 $7,500
15 $11,250
20 $15,000
30 $22,500
40 $30,000
50 $37,500
100 $75,000

Disclaimer: Please note - I am not saying that you will earn a single dollar. The above table simply shows what it is possible to earn.

And all you have to do is explain to the Business Owner that you know a Lender who has 4 simple criteria and a 95% success rate with a very reasonable interest rate. Here are the criteria again:

  1. The Client's company is registered in the USA.
  2. The Client's company has been in business for at least one year.
  3. The Client's company Gross Yearly Revenue is at least $100,000.
  4. The Client's business IS NOT in Finance, Real Estate, Construction or Insurance.
    (Possible loan for Construction if more than 2 years in business).

Why is our Lender different from any other lender out there?

That's a fair question and here's why:
  1. A Business Owner does not require any appraisal fees to be paid... it's FREE.
  2. Loan approvals for up to $250,000 take 48 hours to process - the approval rate is 95%+.
  3. To get a Business Loan, no Personal Guarantee is required.
  4. Once the loan is approved, it takes between 5-7 days for the money to reach the business owner.
  5. The Lender reports the loan to Dun & Bradstreet thereby enhancing a Business Owner credit worthiness, that will potentially get him/her a bank loan in the future.
  6. If a Business Owner can't get the loan, his/hers Credit Record will not be littered with any comments, because no credit data is needed.

When a Business Owner is ready to apply for the loan, all he/she needs to do is to click on your unique link. He/she will arrive at our Lender's website and fill in a simple Loan Application. Your personal Affiliate ID is embedded into the link and that's how the system knows who is to be paid.

That's all you really need to know for now. Click Here to fill in the Joint Venture Partner form and receive your unique link ID.

The form is very simple and will look like this:

"Business Loans Affiliate Form"

Even if you are currently not interested in joining our group, I encourage you to register anyway. After the registration you wil be able to login and tour the Lender's member area for details anytime you want. Here is the link again.

Alan Seletkovic
CEO ACE Wealth4U Pty Ltd
~ Thunder From Down Under ~