House and Land Packages

Supplying quality House and Land packages is the mainstream of our contribution to your wealth.

Our Commitment To You

  • LONG-TERM: To create wealth for you.
    We build quality houses in suburbs that outperform Perth's average yearly capital growth by 3%-4% (Perth averaged 8.5% per year in the last 35 years).

  • SHORT-TERM: To create instant equity of $30,000-$50,000 for you.
    We build only if the existing comparable houses are valued higher than your total cost (land, house construction and our project management fees).

Our research utilises sound, historically proven criteria, thus ensuring a profitable investment for our clients. We go the extra mile to make the whole process a pleasant worry-free event.

Summary Of Our Standard Services

  1. Select quality suburbs slightly above Perth's median price.
    Only suburbs where historically house values have been doubling within 8 years. Newer suburbs must have similar characteristics to nearby high growth suburbs.

  2. Obtain quality land at the best possible price.
    Our knowledge often enables us to buy the land below the market price.

  3. Utilize quality builders to build houses at a reasonable fixed contract price.
    These houses are totally turn-key and on completion are ready to be rented.

  4. Ensure that the construction is proceeding on time and according to specified quality.
    If the builder does not complete a house in the required time, then we shall pay you the current market rent, until the house is ready to be rented.

  5. Keep you informed about the construction progress.
    Contact is usually via email and you can also monitor construction progress on-line. If important matters arise we will phone you.

  6. Organize and attend the final inspection on house completion.
    This is a good opportunity for you to meet us and the Building Inspector inspecting the house. A Minor Defects Report is issued and given to the Builder to fix.

  7. Ensure that the minor defects are quickly corrected.
    Normally, it takes only a few weeks to correct minor defects.

  8. Help you to employ a quality Property Manager to manage your property.
    We usually recommend property managers who manage our own properties. However, you can choose your own if you wish.

  9. Supply you a FREE Quantity Depreciation Report.
    This report facilitates claiming legitimate expenditures from the Taxation Office. It can reduces your overall cash expenses by $8,000-$12,000 in the first full year.

  10. Strategically plan with you how to fast-track your road to wealth.
    We would like to ensure that your goal is reached as soon as possible. Every 6-12 months we have a review meeting with you to see how you are going and present you with new opportunities.

    You should take these review notes to your accountant and/or solicitor to see whether the next step is also practical from a financial point of view.

Alan Seletkovic
CEO ACE Wealth4U Pty Ltd
~ Thunder From Down Under ~