Partner With Us Through Joint Ventures

Would you like to enjoy the profits from:

  • A House & Land package $50,000-$100,000 below the market price?
  • Subdivision & Development profits of 50%-90%?
  • A combination of the above?

Can we really give you that much profit?   Yes, we can!

We can do this through Joint Ventures (JVs). You actually become our partner on a project basis.

Simplified View On Joint Ventures

  1. You provide project funds (partial or full)
  2. We do all the work
  3. On completion we share the profits (proportional to your funds)

Why would we share our profits with you?
Because your funds enable us to undertake more projects and generate extra profit.

Why would you do it?
Because this can considerably speed up attaining your goal of financial independence.

Joint Ventures are definitely win-win situations.

Your Choices

  1. Sell all houses on completion.
    Pocketing your portion of profits provides you with excellent cash-flow.

  2. Keep one house and sell the rest on completion.
    You get properties at wholesale prices. The rest of your profit provides you with extra cash-flow.

  3. Keep all houses.
    You get ALL properties at wholesale prices. Definitely the fastest way to reach the goal. However, you must be able to finance difference between the rent and expenses.

Would you like to know exactly how Joint Ventures work?


Discover how you can become an armchair developer and still reap considerable financial benefits.

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